First thing first

Rain just start falling here. The scent of water and wet ground, the fresh air and colder temperature brings a nice and calm atmosphere. Its a perfect mood to write on my blog.

So, talking about my progress to pursue master degree. I find it is fearsome for some low achiever and clueless goof like me. I admit it that unfocused and insecure younger me resulting a bad academic record. Yes, I don’t have an amazing or standout academic record, yet I’m aiming a top class university.

How scary is that?

So, while being overwhelmed with my own goals, I start to look for an answer in google. Google is always the best and wisest friend you can rely on 😀 LOL.

Here is what I  found on quora about how graduate school admission work in Japan.

Read Ankit Ravankar's answer to How does graduate school admission work in Japan (especially for engineering)? on Quora

After reading it, I feel more intimidated because I have to put a lot of effort to dig in deep with research area that interest me and I have to convince my future academic advisor that I’m worth it to work with. Wow, what a pressure, right? I know, but I have to face it and start one small step at a time. Because I know I want to live my life to the fullest and be a better person in the future. So I must face it and break the limit.

I already took TOEFL test, the result coming up next week. Next step, I must find the lab that align with my interest. Currently, I’m in to machine learning, so I must find a lab that focus their research on machine learning and start reading a lot of machine learning journal. Hope by the next post I already decide my lab and university where I want to go.

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