First step

The last post was so gloomy and dark. I can tell how was my mental condition at that time. I really was in my lowest point. I couldn’t even think straight. It was so negative.

So, I finally decided to focus my research on machine learning. At first, I was thinking to do research about NLP but I no longer have interest in that area, although it’s still an A.I area and machine learning will also be useful in NLP research. But I made up my mind that I will focus on machine learning.

I challenge myself to take Coursera’s course on machine learning by Andrew Ng. Actually, i already retake this course for like 5-6 times, LOL. I could only progress until week 2nd. I don’t know why but I stumble in 2nd week. I think I’m scared that material is hard to understand and afraid that I might fail.

I’m going to do it anyway, finish my machine learning course in Coursera and get in to Tokyo University. I already found the lab that I want to enter. It’s a big challenge. Yet still, I want to try this.

I decided, in order to achieve my dream to pursue my master degree in Japan, I will change my habit and take the first step. The first step are finish my 2nd week course in Coursera and read a lot about machine learning. I’m trying to use 5 seconds rule from Mel Robbins to interrupt all my bad habits, stop over thinking, worrying and start doing.

Oh and by the way, although I sometime skip few days in working out my posture, but I’m still doing it till today. I also add a tricep push up on toilet chair LOL, 8 push up every days, 8 seconds plank, cobra pose and underdog pose. I found out I have a lot of fat in my back and that’s made me look ugly and even worse because I hunching my back. It’s getting better though. I love my reflection on the mirror now and I feel like I stand taller than before. Keep progressing every day. I will work on it.

I will keep updating my progress in this blog. See you soon.

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