So in this post I just want to report that I have made through 2nd week in my machine learning course in coursera. Yeaaaaayyyyy!!!!

I cleared all the assignment with the perfect scores. Yeay!! Sorry about the bragging LOL.

But it does make me think, why I couldn’t finished it last time? When I try to finish the quiz or programming assignment I found my self stop and hesitating. At that time I think it’s too difficult and I couldn’t understand the material. Is it because I’m unfocused and having other thought back then? I don’t know either, but one thing for sure, right now I’m able to absorb and understand the material easily and more focus on learning new things.

I don’t know what happen to myself but I feel like I can have more focus to myself. That’s a good thing though, right? And right now I’m feeling like I can do anything and achieve anything with focus, determination and hard work LOL.

Ok that’s all for today.

I’ll keep posting about my progress.
God please lend me your strength to achieve my goals and dreams.

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