Why I titled this malnutrition?

Because I have been feeling odd lately. Feeling so weak, hair falls, skin dry, anemia and growing grey hair more. I just feel really old lately.

I always questioning myself about my body, because I can tell when is my body weak or strong.  I always trying to figure out whether I’m feeling weak because hormone or just simply I didn’t eat properly?

I do some research on google, dry skin, hair fall and grey hair can be a sign of malnutrition!! That’s it!! I know that I didn’t eat properly. After a few days, tried to record my eating habit. Definitely I’m lacking of minerals which I can get from vegetables, fish, nuts and milk.

I always wondering why when I was living in Japan I never feel so weak and sick. The answer is the SEAWEED!  Seaweed contains iron, manganese, iodine, copper, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, and selenium which is rich minerals!!

Okay then, I should really manage and compose  my meal everyday to maintain healthy body!!!

I will do some big shopping tomorrow!! LOL

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