My food journal

Ok. So in this category I will write a lot about what I eat what I drink in order to maintain a good health. But at first it might become a daily diary of what I eat n drink everyday to record my eating habit. I really want to cure my GERD and acid reflux, it’s really killing me. Also, I want to look younger hahaha.

So, Sunday 7th January 2018. Here’s what I ate for the day.

  • Breakfast
    • Chicken porridge + chilli sauce
    • Pizza leftover
    • Mineral water
  • Lunch
    • Fried spring roll bought from street vendor
    • Pempek palembang
    • Mineral water
  • Dinner
    • Salad
    • Mineral water

That’s what I ate for this day. Pretty much unhealthy I guess. And I notice pizza make my stomach bloating. Maybe because too much calories, carb and fat. I think I should avoid pizza.

I think it’s quite fun writing this. By doing it, I got to know my eating habit and could improve it better for the future.

See ya tomorrow.