Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year 2018!!

A week late though. Yes, it’s already a week and I haven’t progress anything.
While other people are creating their own resolution and stating “new year new me”. For me it’s just another day, nothing particularly different. Still the same old me struggling with my own fearsness, self-doubt, depression and mood swing. Nothing change.

I already live for 3 decades, yet I still feel like I haven’t found myself. I still don’t know what I am capable of doing, I haven’t leave that border and push my self to the limit.

But I do realize something, what distinguish me from other people that already success. It’s the power of fighting that self-doubt, anxiety, weakness they posses in theirselves. They don’t give in to their negative thought. They take action, keep moving forward and beat their negative thoughts.

While writing this post. One thing for sure, I have to believe in myself and TAKE ACTION!! For the new bright future ahead.

OK guys, Happy new year once again. Have a nice one!